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Sixteen of ATU Journals Indexed in DOAJ


Sixteen of ATU Journals Indexed in DOAJ

Directorate of International Academic Cooperation -

Sixteen of ATU Journals were indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

In order to internationalise the publications of ATU Press, nearly one year after the first stage of registering and standardising the journals, 16 Journals of ATU were finally indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Dr Amir Zand-Moghadam, Director of ATU Press, said: "In the first phase which had started May 2016, a team of experts was created to standardise the journals, and after a careful analysis, 16 journals were selected to be indexed in DOAJ. The journals were then peer-reviewed and edited by and indexed in DOAJ.

Director of ATU Press added that currently more than 9000 journals are indexed in this directory and the indexing of our journals is a good starting point to their further views and citations. He maintained that this achievement facilitates the process of indexing ATU journals in other online databases as Scopus and Thompson Reuters.

The 16 journals indexed in DOAJ are as follows:

  1. Clinical Psychology Studies, Quarterly;
  2. Counselling Culture and Psychotherapy, Quarterly;
  3. Criminal Law Research, Quarterly;
  4. Economics Research, Quarterly;
  5. Educational Psychology, Quarterly;
  6. Industrial Management Studies, Quarterly;
  7. Iranian Energy Economics Research, Quarterly;
  8. Language Science, Quarterly;
  9. Literary Text Research, Quarterly;
  10. Management Studies in Development and Evolution, Quarterly;
  11. Strategic Research of Politics, Quarterly;
  12. Private Law Research, Quarterly;
  13. Psychology of Exceptional Individuals, Quarterly;
  14. Public Law Research, Quarterly;
  15. Qur'anic Knowledge Research, Quarterly;
  16. Tourism Management Studies, Quarterly;
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