Degree Programmes

To date, 48 programmes are offered in the Faculty. The programmes' names are briefly available in the following table.


Programmes Bachelors Masters PhD
Managerial Accounting    
Public Sector Accounting    
Business Administration    
Insurance Management    
Business Administration: Marketing    
International Business    
Strategic Management    
Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management    
Marketing Management    
Business Policymaking    
Financial Management    
Finance: Financial Engineering and Risk Management    
Finance: Banking    
Islamic Banking    
Financial Management: Financial Engineering and Risk Management    
Financial Management: Banking    
Industrial Management    
Industrial Management: Operations Research (OR)  
Industrial Management: Production and Operations  
IT Management: Advanced Information Systems    
IT Management: Information Resource Management (IRM)    
Industrial Management: Quality and Productivity Management    
IT Management    
Technology Management: Technology Transfer    
Entrepreneurship Management: New Business    
Technology Management: Research and Development    
Public Administration    
Public Administration: Human Resource Development    
Public Administration: Development Management    
Public Administration: Organisational Behaviour Management  
Public Administration: Public Policymaking    
Urban Management    
Public Administration: Public Decision-making and Policymaking    
Public Administration: Human Resource Management    
Public Administration: Comparative and Development Management    
Tourism Management    
Hospitality Management    
Tourism Management: Tourism Marketing    
Tourism Management: Tourism Development Planning