Dean Dr Davood Hosseinpour

Address: Dean's Office, Faculty of Management and Accounting (MA),
Allameh Tabataba'i University, Varzesh Sq., Dehkade-ye Olampik, Tehran, Iran.
Postcode: 14896-84511
Phone No.: +9821 4474 4370
Fax No.: +9821 4474 4357
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Dr Davood Hosseinpour has been entrusted with the duties and rights of the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Accounting since October 2021. Holding a PhD degree in Public Administration: Public Policy, he is a distinguished academic figure in the area. Dr Hosseinpour is also a faculty member at the MA Department of Public Administration.




Dean's Message

The Faculty of Management and Accounting, as one of the oldest faculties of Allameh Tabataba'i University, is proud to have been presenting the community with knowledgeable graduates who are sources of great influence in various sectors and have taken major posts in universities, organisations, and private institutes. We are thrilled to enjoy a host of expert, outstanding faculty members who make use of their knowledge and experience to provide service to students and conducting quality research activities. This Faculty offers diverse degree programmes at various levels. Currently, eight undergraduate, 29 Masters, and 15 PhD programmes are offered in the areas of Business Administration, Public Administration, Industrial Management, Tourism Management, Finance, Accounting, Technology Management, and Information Technology, among others. The Faculty has been in continuous contact with various organisations and the industry, and the students are familiar with state-of-the-art issues and practical skills.

Owing to the importance of the relations with the industry and the familiarity of students with the state-of-te-art discussions, we have established a "Research Centre for Management and Innovation" and a "Tourism Research Centre" to facilitate the ties between the Faculty and the society. We are also working to establish a Centre for Data Science and Advanced Business Analysis and a Financial Laboratory. Currently, the Centre of Excellence in Technology and Innovation Management is facilitating research in these areas.

The Faculty is equipped with a digital library, which includes a well-equipped library and a computer site. The valuable efforts made by the human capital, including professors, students, and the staff, along with the available facilities, provide a platform for further scientific growth in the Faculty. I hope the effective and lasting communication among our students, alumni, and the Faculty paves the way for better services to the community, contributing to the faculty to maintain its privileged academic position.

Dr Davood Hosseinpour,
Dean, Faculty of Management and Accounting




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