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WRICOS Contest 2019 Notice


Directorate for International Academic Cooperation —

The Silk-Road Universities Network published its 3rd Writing Contest, known as WRICOS.

The Silk-Road Universities Network (SUN) has announced the third round of its "writing contest" known as WRICOS. Theme of the 2019 WRICOS is "father". All Students and faculty members from universities of SUN member states, including ATU students, are then invited to take part in this event through writing a poem or an essay on the subject of father. Deadline for submission of the writings will be 15 May 2019. Further information about the awards and writing specifications are available in SUN's official website.

According to SUN website, the main purpose of the WRICOS is "to promote and share the values and beauty of cultural diversity especially in languages across the land and maritime Silk Road areas. And other goals and purposes are to restore our pride in the Silk Road as a birth place for civilizations and to enhance mutual understanding as key medium for peaceful coexistence and prosperity of all human-beings."


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